Bouli Lanners

With his two colleagues, Dimitri, 25, sells turnkey homes.

Introspective and adrift in a twisted world, he is bored out of his mind.


The rumours that he allows to run rife concerning his strange past intrigue Jeanne and lead Cathy to get to know him.

Ultranova highlights a small constellation of off-key and comical characters on the verge of extinction. Only an electroshock can rekindle the tiny flame that flickers within them.

poster Ultranova

Festival Du Cinéma Belge (2010)

CICAE Confédération Internationale des Cinémas d'Art et Essai Award - Berlin International Film Festival (2005)

Best Feature - Gijon International Film Festival For Young People (2005)

Fipresci Critics Award (2005)


Director: Bouli Lanners

Screenplay: Bouli Lanners

D.O.P.: Jean-Paul De Zaeytijd

Cast: Vincent Lecuyer, Hélène De Reymaeker, Michaël Abiteboul, Marie du Bled, Vincent Belorgey, Viviane Robert


Produced by:

Versus Productions (BE)

Jacques-Henri Bronckart

Prime Time (BE)

Antonino Lombardo


Running time: 83'

Release year: