Fien Troch

Five years ago, 15-year old Lisa disappeared from the lives of her parents Lukas and Grace. No clear reason, no goodbye, she just disappeared and the hope she will ever come back is small. Five years is a long time. Lukas and Grace seem to have managed to live a normal life again where everything looks a bit boring and where there is no space for meaningful talks.

But then, by some strange coincidences, Lisa seems to reappear in their lives. Lukas and Grace are confronted each in their own way with their daughter. Both parents have become so alienated from eachother that none of them dares or wants to talk about it. Grace doesn’t tell Lukas about the girl she sometimes sees in the subway and Lukas doesn’t say a word about the strange phone calls he gets.

They haven’t talked about Lisa in five years and now it seems even more impossible than before. Still, whether they want it or not, Lisa has crawled back into their heads, and not into their lives. Like a ghost this whole event is eating away at the fragile connection that was left between Grace and Lukas, and their behaviour becomes increasingly weird.

Until the day where Lukas doesn’t return from work. Grace is left alone, abandoned by the two only people in her life.