Yolande Moreau

Henri, a man in his fifties of Italian origin, runs a little restaurant, La Cantina, near the Belgian city of Charleroi with his wife Rita. Once the customers have gone home, Henri meets up with his buddies, Bibi and René, a regular couple of barflies. Together they kill time over a few beers, chatting about their shared passion: homing pigeons.

Then Rita suddenly dies, leaving Henri lost. Their daughter Laetitia suggests that Henri gets some help with the restaurant from a 'white butterfly', as the residents in a nearby home for the mentally handicapped are known.

Rosette is one of them. She is upbeat, kindly and doesn’t see the ill in people. She is only mildly handicapped, and is really just a bit 'odd'. She yearns for love, sexuality, and normality. With Rosette’s arrival, a new life takes shape.