Filip Van Neyghem

It's high summer in Kruisem. In the company of his friends, Jonas and Mats, and his dog Sadee, Blinker is having a glorious holiday. They often visit the grounds of the local castle.
That's risky, because they could be caught by Ward, the gamekeeper, who shoots at anything that seems at all suspicious, or by Miss Slick, the housekeeper of the castle. One day Turbo, Jonas' dog, goes missing. Turbo is not the only creature to disappear in the woods around the castle.

Nobody knows what happened to the former gamekeeper, for instance. When Sadee disappears too, they realise that mysterious events are piling up.

Blinker, Jonas and Mats work on a proposal for an inventors competition. Blinker has a bright idea: a 'carrier-tricycle cinema'. However, the threesome has dangerous rivals: the Red Vampires, a fearsome motor gang, who especially have it for Mats, Blinker's mentally handicapped friend. Luckily, Blinker and his friends get help from Nelle, whom he is in love with, and her friend Vicky.
The unravelling of the mystery gains momentum when Nelle and Blinker discover a secret underground passage in the castle during the village festival.