Stef Desmyter & Rik Daniels

In Wolven everything is about Thomas Verhaege and his colleagues at Ecofin (economic financial, Federal Police Antwerp). They go after the important figures in the organised crime.

This team tries to battle against the corrupt business leaders and powerful figures, who take advantage of the economic and financial system.


The main roles are played by Axel Daeseleire, Gene Bervoets, Lotte Pinoy, Simone Milsdochter and Maarten Goffin.

They come across the path of a criminal organisation, where important politicians and businesspeople play a huge part.

The case gets more complicated then they initially thought and when they get personally involved, their lives and those of their relatives comes into danger.



Wolven - serie

Director: Stef Desmyter & Rik Daniels

Screenplay: Luc Gadisseur, Dirk Nielandt, Patrick Kreydt en Jimmy Simons

D.O.P.: Stijn Van der Veken
Cast: Axel Daeseleire, Pieter Embrechts, Gene Bervoets, Lotte Pinoy , Simone Milsdochter, Maarten Goffin


Produced by:

één (BE)

Kris Peeters

Prime Time (BE)

Antonino Lombardo


13 episodes of 50 minutes
Release year: