Suske & Wiske: De Duister Diamant

Rudi Van Den Bossche

Family adventure based on the best-selling classic comic strip in the Suske and  Wiske series created by Willy Vandersteen. Our heroes spend their summer holidays on a mysterious estate in the Netherlands, where Auntie Sidonia succumbs to the influences of a dark diamond with unexpected powers. To save her, Suske and Wiske set out an exciting search in the 15th century Holland for an old alchemist, the only person who can lift the ancient curse.



Madrid International Film Festival For Children and Youth (2010)


Director: Rudi Van Den Bossche

Screenplay: Rudi Van den Bossche, Ilse Somers

D.O.P.: Gerd Schelfhout

Cast: Dirk Roofthooft, Celine Verbeeck, Joeri Busschots, Peter Van den Begin, Stany Crets


Produced by:

Cine3 (division of Prime Time) (BE)

Antonino Lombardo


In co-production with:

Thoke Mobius Films (DE)

Scarabee Films (NL)

Moved by Pont (NL)

Release year: