The Suprise

Mike van Diem

An eccentric multimillionaire signs an agreement to have his life ended. While selecting his coffin he meets a young woman who has signed up for the same arrangement. Trouble ensues when the couple falls in love and wishes to get out of the contract.


Director: Mike van Diem

Screenplay: Mike van Diem

D.O.P.: Rogier Stoffers
CastJeroen van Koningsbrugge, Georgina Verbaan, Jan Decleir, Henry Goodman


N279 Entertainment

Els Vandevorst

Spinnaker Productions

Mike van Diem

FATT Productions

Hans de Weers



Prime Time (BE)

Antonino Lombardo

Fastnet Films (IE)

Macdara Kelleher & Morgan Bushe

Riva Film (GE)

Michael Eckelt

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