The Son of Artan

Klaus Verscheure

The Son of Artan is an adventure series set in the middle ages. Squire Wolf wants to kill the dragon which took away his father, Artan, Lord of the Castle. Together with his friends, Friso the crippled son of the blacksmith, and Cara, the dauntless daughter of a witch, Wolf goes on a dragon hunt.


Director: Klaas Verscheure

Script: Klaus Verscheure, Wout Thielemans

D.O.P.: Toon Illegems
Cast: Lander Severins, Margot Baars, Ferre Vuye, Louis Talpe, Kim Hertogs, Amber De Zitter, Geert Van Rampelberg, Ernst ter Linden, Stefaan Degand, Elvira Out, Kris Cuppens, Wannes Cappelle, Robby Cleiren, Kobe Van Herwegen, Ron De Rauw, Rudy Morren, Emily Hengeveld



Antonino Lombardo

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