Sailors don't cry

Marc Didden

Paul leaves his family after the birth of his son Stijn. Years later, he meets his wife Hilde again. This brief meeting makes him realize everything is not over between them: he tries to re-seduce his ex-wife and he succeeds more or less..

Conflicts rise, wounds are torn open, love and hate do their work... Stijn is amazed at all these 'grown-up' problems. He can hardly believe what people can do to each other... and he will try to repair what is broken.


Director: Marc Didden

Screenplay:Annemarie Vandeputte en Marc Didden

Cast: Hilde Van Mieghem, Josse De Pauw, Johan Leysen, Hilde Wils, Din Meysmans, Koen Theys, Ludo Troch


Produceerd door:

Prime Time (BE)

Antonino Lombardo


In co-productie met:

Allarts (NL)

Kees Kasander

Release year: