Andre Van Duren

Mariken is set in the Middle Ages and is about a girl who gets to know the world in seven days, and is based on the novel Mariken by Peter Van Gestel. The old eccentric Archibald is chased out of town by the proud Magister Aesculaap ( the counsel and family doctor of the Countess). Archibald, who wasn't all that interseted in the human race anyway, withdraws with his goat Sophie into Waanwoud. There, among the flowers, Archibald finds a baby. She is a little girl. On her jacket, scrawled in blood, are the words Care for Mariken. Archibald takes the girl under his wing.

Poster Mariken

Public Prize at Cinekid - Amsterdam (2000)

Prize of Tolerance at the European Yought Film Festival - Antwerp (2001)

Special Jury Award at the Int’l Children Film festival - Montreal (2001)

Young People’s Jury Award at the Int’l Film Festival - Toronto (2001)

2nd Prize Bernhard Wicki Award at Filmfest Emden (2001)

Prize for Best Actress at the Int’l Festival of Film & Video for Children (2001)



Director: Andre Van Duren

Screenplay:Peter van Gestel, Kim van Kooten

D.O.P.: Steve Walker

Cast: Laurien van den Broeck, Jan Decleir, Dora van der Groen, Johanna ter Steege, Kim van Kooten, Willeke van Amelrooy


Produceerd door:

Egmond Films (NL)

Prime Time (BE)

Antonino Lombardo


Running time: 97'

Release year: