Little Black Spiders

Patrice Toye

Belgium, 1978. Katja, Roxy, and a group of other lively girls are too young for love, but still almost mothers. In a hidden location, pregnant teenage girls await the birth of their babies in secret. Some want to put their mistake behind them as soon as possible, but Katja, herself an orphan, clearly wants something different: she longs to have her own little baby. During the long wait, the girls share each other’s joys and sorrows. They form close friendships and distract themselves with strange games – until the bubble bursts, and Katja becomes painfully aware of the plans that the nuns are making behind their backs. She is not going to let this happen to her baby, however… Little Black Spiders is a story about the beauty and strength of unexpected friendships.

Little Black Spiders

Opening Internationaal Filmfestival Oostende (2012)

Award for Best Director Filmfestival of Arras (2012)

Official selection for Montreal World Film Festival (2012)

Official slection for SEMINCI in Valladolid (2012)

Best Feature Film, Best Directing, Best Screenwriting, Vancouver Women In Film Festival (2013)


Director:Patrice Toye

Screenplay: Patrice Toye & Ina Vandewijer

D.O.P.: Richard Van Oosterhout
Cast: Line Pillet, Charlotte De Bruyne, Dolores Bouckaert, Ineke Nijssen, Nathalie Verbeke, Martha Vandermeulen, Romy Louise Lauwers, Marjan De Schutter, Renée Vervaet, Dorien De Clippel



Produced by:

Prime Time (BE)

Antonino Lombardo


In co-production with

Versus Productions (BE)

Jacques-Henri Bronckart

Topkapi Films (NL)


Running time: 94'

Release year: